Luca Di Sera

Case Study 1 Delta Mush - Part 4

October 10 2018

Finding the time

Starting working has been a bit tough on my free time and, as such, on my study time. This post should have been done a long time ago ( and was actually completed a week before...

Case Study 1 Delta Mush - Part 3

August 08 2018

The fun part begins

With the last post we reached a point were we finally had a real draft to start working on. In this post we are going to start looking at some more interesting optimization for our...

Case Study 1 Delta Mush - Part 2

August 08 2018


So here we are to the second part of the Delta Mush case-study. We’re finally at the point where we can start thinking about performance and trying to improve it. In this part we are going to look...

Case Study 1 Delta Mush - Part 1

July 07 2018


Welcome the to the first part of the Delta Mush case study. We will dive into a first working, but completely and horribly unoptimized, version of the deformer.

Experimentation 2 - A dive into the dotnet API

July 07 2018

Why C# ?

For a possible-work I’m studying Unity and, obviously, C#. Now, I’m still a total beginner with C# ( C# in a nutshell is so much more boring than I tought that I’m having difficulties reading it...