Luca Di Sera

Case Study 1 Delta Mush - Introduction

July 07 2018

Dulta mas… Delta mua… Delta uh??

In this first Case Study we are going to build a basic Delta Mush deformer and study some optimization technique on it. But what is a Delta Mush?

Experimentation 1 - CHECK_MSTATUS* macros

July 07 2018

Have you ever wondered how checking an MStatus impact your code ?

Well, I recently did. I actually use the CHECK_MSTATUS* macros a lot in the first drafts of my plugins. While it usually won’t matter in an MPxNode::initialize,...

Cool Story Bro - SingleBlendMesh and my interest for code optimization

July 07 2018

In this post I’d like to talk about the hows of how I got interested in code optimization.

It all started somewhat randomly about a week ago….

An introduction to this blog

July 07 2018

This blog is my personal page that I will use to share my studies and experiments or products. The main content you will find is coding posts related to Maya plugin and code optimizations. There are two main categories of...